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Welcome to Slimetastic Kids Play Lab!



Slimetastic Kids Play Lab is a place where kids come to be creative! Our play lab is designed for gooey, goo, and slimy creations!

Kids are able to experience making a gooey mess and leave the cleaning to us!

Dress as a scientist to protect clothes and skin, by wearing a lab coat, and even safety glasses! 

We are unable to accept cash payments. All payments must be submitted online.

**Price is based on per participant. (Children only)

No charge for parents.**


  • Dress the part and wear an optional lab coat, gloves, and glasses!

  • Foam Beads, charms, glitter, ect. are available to add-in slime creations.

  • Scents are also available to give slime a unique smell.

  • Our slime tank contains gallons of green gooey slime! Kids used their hands to play in the slime tank.


Choose An Experience:

Each experience price is based on per participant.*

*An experience can not be used for multiple children. Must book for each participant. Select the number of participants at checkout.  

(Children only up to 17 years old.)

There is no charge for parents. Parents are welcomed to participate with their kid(s).


Slimy Goo Experience 

Make 1 Slime $19.99


Gooey Goo Experience 

Make 1 Slime $24.99

*Explore Slime Tank

Slimy Ooze Experience 

Make 2 Slimes $29.99

Ooey Gooey Experience 

Make 2 Slimes $34.99

*Explore Slime Tank 

Ultimate Goo Experience 

Make 3 Slimes $44.99

*Explore Slime Tank 


Supreme Ooze Goo Experience 

Make 4 Slimes $54.99

*Explore Slime Tank 

*Slime tank is filled with fun to play with slime. Kids use their hands to play with this cool to touch slime! 







Birthday Parties *(Minimum of 8 participants)

Small Private Party Rooms / Party Area 

Make Slime and/or Paint Canvases

Slime Accessories 

Explore Slime Tank


Cups and Plates





Choose from an Ooze Slime Party, Ooze Slime and Paint Party.

**Pizza will be provided by Marcos. Other food options are allowed. Please inquire when booking.

Parent's Night Out will be held on special events night.  

Current Business Hours:
(By Appointment Only) 

Mondays: Closed*
Tuesdays: Closed*
Wednesdays: 4pm-7pm* 
Thursdays: 4pm-7pm*
Fridays: 4pm-7pm*

Saturdays: 11am-6pm
Sundays: 12pm-5pm

*We are also open outside or normal business days/hours. (Field Trips, Parties, Special Events)
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