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Welcome to Slimetastic Kids Play Lab!

Slimetastic Kids Play Lab is a place where kids come to be creative! Our play lab is designed for gooey, goo, and slimy creations!

Kids are able to experience making a gooey mess and leave the cleaning to us!

Dress as a scientist to protect clothes and skin, by wearing a lab coat, and even safety glasses! 

**Price is based on per participant.


  • Dress the part and wear an optional lab coat, gloves, and glasses!

  • Foam Beads, charms, glitter, ect. are available to add-in slime creations.

  • Scents are also available to give slime a unique smell.

  • Our slime tank contains gallons of green gooey slime! Kids used their hands to play in the slime tank.


Choose An Experience:

Each experience price is based on per participant.*

*An experience can not be used for multiple children. Must book for each participant. Select the number of participants at checkout.  


Slimy Goo Experience 

Make 1 Slime $19.99


Gooey Goo Experience 

Make 1 Slime $24.99

*Explore Slime Tank

Slimy Ooze Experience 

Make 2 Slimes $29.99

Ooey Gooey Experience 

Make 2 Slimes $34.99

*Explore Slime Tank 

Ultimate Goo Experience 

Make 3 Slimes $44.99

*Explore Slime Tank 


Supreme Ooze Goo Experience 

Make 4 Slimes $54.99

*Explore Slime Tank 

*Slime tank is filled with fun to play with slime. Kids use their hands to play with this cool to touch slime! 







Birthday Parties *(Minimum of 8 participants)

Small Private Party Rooms / Party Area 

Make Slime and/or Paint Canvases

Slime Accessories 

Explore Slime Tank


Cups and Plates





Choose from an Ooze Slime Party, Ooze Slime and Paint Party.

**Pizza will be provided by Marcos. Other food options are allowed. Please inquire when booking.

Parent's Night Out will be held on special events night.  

Current Business Hours:
(By Appointment Only) 

Mondays: Closed*
Tuesdays: Closed*
Wednesdays: 4pm-7pm* 
Thursdays: 4pm-7pm*
Fridays: 4pm-7pm*
Saturdays: 11am-6pm
Sundays: 12pm-5pm

*We are also open outside or normal business days/hours. (Field Trips, Parties, Special Events)
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