Birthday Parties

Have your child's birthday party at the newest and coolest place in town!

 All party balances are due 14 days prior to reservation date. If you request to book a party for a date that is less than 14 days away, it is required to pay the total balance same day or next day after you have requested to book. An invoice will be sent to your email.

When requesting to book a party less than 14 days, a rush fee may be applied. All payments are non-refundable. 


Ooze Slime Party

Minimum of 8 participants. (Including the Birthday Child)

Prices are shown below:

8 = $428.01
9 = $477.40
10= $526.79
11 = $576.18
12 = $625.56
13 = $663.98
14 = $702.39
15 = $740.80
16 = $779.21
17 = $817.63
18 = $856.04
19 = $894.45
20 = $932.86

Duration: 2 Hours*

Digital Invitation to send to party guests
Make 2 Slimes 
Slime Accessories (Foam beads, glitter, charms, scents.)
Explore Slime Tank

Plates and utensils
Slime Container/Bag
Wearable Lab Coat *Must return after party 
Safety Glasses *Must return after party

3 Large 1-Topping Pizzas*

*Groups more than 12 participants will receive additional pizza(s).


If your date is less than 14 days away, the full balance is due the same day or next day when you request to book. An invoice/details will be sent to your email to pay the remaining balance due.

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