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  • Are walk-ins available?
    Reservations are required. It is highly recommended to reserve a table online, since tables are limited. We are unable to accept payment in person. All payments should be made online. If space is available, you are welcomed to come in early prior to your reservation time. Due to high call volumes, if we are unavailable to answer, please email us at: * All parties must book online in advance. Final balance is due at least 14 days prior to your party reservation date.
  • Describe the Slimetastic experience:
    Check in at reception desk. Sanitize hands. Put on a lab coat. Go to the Slime station for materials. Be seated at lab table. Start creating your slimes! Following our instructions- kids are encourage to take their time and make the best slime they can possibly imagine! Also can add-in foam beads, glitter, and charms! Don't forget to make it smell nice, by adding a scent! ***If participating in the Gooey Goo, Ooey Gooey, Ultimate Go, and Supreme Ooze Goo Experience: After kids have made all of their gooey slime, they should wait to be instructed to go explore the slime tank! Kids are required to sanitize hands or can wear gloves to play in the slime tank filled with gallons of slime! Please do not lean on the tank.
  • How long is a slime experience?
    Depending on the slime experience of your choice: Slimy Goo Experience: up to 45 mins Ooey Gooey Experience: up to 1 hour Ultimate Goo Experience: up to 1 hour and 15 mins **Birthday Parties: 2+ hours **Rental of entire lab: 4+ hours
  • What kind of slime can be made?
    Currently: Regular Slime Color Slime Fluffy Slime Crystal Clear or Transparent Slime Butter Slime Cloud Slime **More slime options will be added periodically.
  • May slime be taken home or left at lab?
    Kids are welcomed to take their slime home in a container provided by us. Or they can leave their slime at Slimetastic for others to view their creativity!
  • May I leave my child unattended?
    Small kids must be supervised by an older sibling, parent, or guardian. No drop offs are allowed at this time.
  • Are face masks required?
    Yes, face masks are encouraged for everyone over the age of 2 years old.
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