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Slimetastic Kids Play Lab was created for curious children to be creative! The Founders/ Owners are Salayah and Shericka. The dynamic mommy and daughter duo! Salayah always dreamed of having a place to make and play with slime! Shericka has brung the vision to life! Both have develop their slime skills over the years and now are called "Slime Scientists!"

Spilling Green Slime

Slimetastic is a one-of-a-kind kids play lab located in Cordova, TN, offering fun that the entire family can enjoy! Kids are able to wear a lab coat, gloves, and safety glasses.


At this time, on the main lab floor, kids can choose from four different slime experiences.

  • Slimy Goo Experience

  • Slimy Ooze Experience

  • Gooey Goo Experience

  • Ooey Gooey Experience

  • Ultimate Goo Experience

  • Supreme Ooze Goo Experience

Making slime is a science experiment and safety precautions must be followed. We offer non-toxic ingredients, for creating several different types of slimes.

Why should I let my kid(s) make slime?

Making slime can be messy, therefore our lab is designed for a kid's creativity!

  • It promotes STEM awareness.

  • It's a fun and educational science activity.

  • Therapeutic for kids with sensory needs.

  • Slime can assist with building hand strength.

  • Kids enjoy playing with it, which also helps to boost language skills, problem-solving skills, and cognitive abilities.

How to make slime?

No matter which slime recipe your kid will choose to make, all slime experiments will need a base, PVA glue. We currently offer clear and white glue options. We also offer magical liquid by Elmer's, which is the chemical reactor needed to thicken the slime. Slime is formed when two materials mix and create a chemical bond known as a polymer chain. 

Looking for the coolest place to have a birthday party?

We also offer private party area/ small party rooms for birthday parties. 

Call for more details regarding scheduling a birthday party or book online today! 

901-582-PLAY (7529)

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