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Ooey Gooey Cordova

$34.99 Make 2 Slimes Foam beads, glitter,ect.. Scents Slime Tank

  • 34.99 US dollars


The Ooey Gooey experience can last up to an 1 hour. Children are able to make 2 different types of slimes. Add foam beads, glitter, and/or charms. Kids will also be able to explore the slime tank. The slime tank contains gallons of ooey gooey green slime. Also includes: Containers and take home bag. Add-ins: Foam Beads Glitter Sprinkles *Charms/ Scents

Cancellation Policy

Special Events: Drop off services. Children must be 5 years of age and older. At check-in, it is required to complete mandatory contact/emergency forms. Non-refundable. Please cancel 3 days before reservation to receive a special events credit. Please call us at 901-582-7529 or email to cancel and reschedule. If you do not cancel within 3 days, you will lose your option for credit allowance.

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